Hi! It’s pixelchips.

I create covers of my favourite video game tunes (and I also attempt to write original songs) over on my SoundCloud page. I mostly focus on orchestral arrangements, but I really enjoy experimenting with just about any genre out there. I also like to play around with chiptune, soundfonts, and samples.

This is my music blog, specifically focused on video game music. I will post information about my own arrangements, feature some other musicians in the VGM community I admire, and share some general thoughts and opinions about video game music as a whole. I may get into reviewing and analyzing video game soundtracks in the future.

You can click on one of the “topics” on the sidebar to get started. “Behind the Scenes” provides a little insight into my own arrangements, just in case anybody is interested. “Analysis of a Smashing Soundtrack” is a little series of mine where I analyze some of the arrangements from the Super Smash Bros. series. Or, click on a series you like from the “Choose your Series” list to see all of my post relating to that game’s soundtrack!

As always, if anyone would like to chat about video games or music composition in general, please leave a comment! I try to reply to everything here and on my SoundCloud page.