Community Spotlight: March Favourites

Hi everyone! I’m a little late with this one, sorry. Just like last time, here are some of my favourite video game covers and remixes from the month of March!

insaneintherainmusic – “Breath of the Wild Jazz Cover”

I featured two songs by insanetherainmusic in the previous post. This time he’s brought an amazing jazz cover of Breath of the Wild‘s main theme! This arrangement turns the orchestral theme into a smooth jazz tune, which showcases the fantastically groovy sax.

Set to some nice nature footage, this video creates a great relaxing jazzy atmosphere. I especially like the part right in the middle; those few beats of silence evoke just enough anticipation before a the listener is hit with a wave of jazzy harmonies on the brass and keys. It’s quite a treat!

Scruffy – “Wistful Wild Funk/Raga”

Scruffy is a very underrated YouTube channel who posts high quality video game remixes, original tunes, and informative videos. Fans of the Pikmin series should really check him out: he’s created a couple videos that delve deep into analyzing the games from a technical standpoint. Check out his trivia videos about the sound effects of Pikmin 2 and the models/textures of Pikmin 3! If Pikmin isn’t your thing, he has other videos analyzing the Mario series, and lots of video game and original tunes.

The production on his trivia videos is just great: they are very informative, well-presented, and oozing with charm. These videos show of Scruffy’s impressive work in many areas of video production, including the background music, which is also created by him! He is currently in the process of uploading the soundtrack to his Pikmin 3 model trivia video, which is where this particular cover originates.

Onto the song itself: this a really cool cover of the foreboding “Wistful Wild” theme from Pikmin 2. Scruffy’s arrangement  is a smooth, chilled-out funk. I especially like it at around the 1:47 mark where those groovy keys kick in. Around the last quarter of the song is arranged as a raga, a traditional type of Indian classical music. As Scruffy notes in the description of the video, the melody line of “Wistful Wild” works perfectly with a Raga musical mode known as Thaat Bhairavi, the equivalent of the western “Phrygian mode.”

Rush Garcia – “Hero of the Wild”

Rush Garcia is an astounding orchestra arranger who has produced many fantastic orchestrations of songs from video games such as Undertale and Overwatch, as well as other media such as the popular TV show Steven Universe.

In this tribute to the Legend of Zelda, Rush Garcia crafts a beautiful suite of familiar Zelda melodies: a Link to the Past‘s “Dark World,” the iconic “Fairy Fountain” theme, “Zelda’s Lullaby,” the main theme of the series itself, and the theme of the recent smash-hit Breath of the Wild.

Right off the bat, we are greeted with a rapid-fire refrain of intense strings. I really love the sound of the strings, the timbre is so unique. These strings periodically return throughout the piece. The booming brass tones of the “Dark World” and lush harp of the “Fairy Fountain” are a treat to listen to. The gentle arrangement of “Zelda’s Lullaby” is truly beautiful, and segues right into Garcia’s epic rendition of the Zelda main theme. Finally is the memorable theme of Breath of the Wild, concluding this amazing musical journey.

AJ DiSpirito – “Super Mario Odyssey – Galaxy Remix”

AJ DiSpirito is very talented composer who has created tons of very high quality video game covers. He’s created arrangements in many different styles – orchestral to metal; jazz to electronic.

This is a cover of the trailer theme of the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey, arranged in the musical style of Super Mario Galaxy. In terms of emulating this particular style of composition, this cover is spot on! It evokes many classic SMG themes including “Gusty Garden Galaxy” and “Good Egg Galaxy.” The general orchestral sound is very evocative of Koji Kondo’s score – but its the little touches that bring it to the next level, such as the the flute trills, the spacey sound effects at one-minute mark, and the percussion that kicks in around 1:30. Overall, quite an impressive effect!

mlho7 – “Chun-Li’s Theme” (OCRemix)

Here’s another funk tune!
For any fan of video game music, OverClocked Remix needs to introduction. OCRemix is an organization dedicated to video game music. Their website is a treasure trove of literally thousands of the highest quality video game remixes. They’ve been going for almost 20 years now!

This track is a funky cover of Chun-li’s theme from Street Fighter II. It’s got a super cool vibe, with a funky bassline and old-school drums. I think the flutes and xylophone work extremely well with this style of funk; its a great blend of traditional Chinese melodies and modern funk. This remix will certainly get your foot tapping!

Further Listening

eflat – “Carrot Sorbet Atoll” and “Forest Stage” (Kirby’s Adventure)
freezetag (OverClocked Remix) – “Hyrulean Overture” (The Legend of Zelda)
Jonathan Aldrich – “Rainbow Road” (Mario Kart 7)
NoteBlock – “Space Junk Galaxy” (Super Mario Galaxy)
Smooth McGroove – “Brinstar Red Soil” (Super Metroid)
Stevie Pilgrim – “Kakariko Village” (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)


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