pixelchips “Behind the Scenes”: Undertale Winter Medley (Holiday Song #4)

Hi! Merry Christmas Eve!

Today I uploaded an orchestral Undertale medley as the final tune for my holiday video game music EP. Have a listen to today’s tune here! Yesterday I uploaded a winter-themed teaser for my upcoming album, Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Arranged, which you can listen to here. I won’t be posting a “behind the scenes” for that one just yet, as I will be discussing it in detail later on when the album is finished.

Anyway, on to the Undertale Christmas Medley:
For the introduction, I used the very beginning of the main theme of Undertale, Once Upon a Time. It starts soft, just a double bass and piano, but then full string ensemble and a choir gradually emerge. The tubular bells really help give it a holiday feel.
The swelling of the orchestra leads into the soft and light theme of Snowy. I sped it up quite a bit, so that the tempo of the medley would remain consistent throughout. I aimed to create a light and carefree feeling with the instrumentation: a piano for the lead, quiet pizzicatto strings for the chords and accompaniment, and a piccolo and viola for harmonization.
Then comes the theme of Snowdin. I added more layers to the instrumentation: the double bass returns from the beginning, and a solo violin takes over for the melody. I included a playful xylophone and a twinkling celesta for a cheerful vibe. The tubular bells and sleighbells keep things feeling festive. The string ensemble returns for the section leading up to the next part of the medley…
…the Shop theme, a very lovely tune! The piano continues the tune of Snowdin over top as a sort of counter-melody, which I thought made for a very nice mash-up effect.
I tried to make the tune have an overarching build-up of instrumentation, starting with a simple piano/piccolo duet that leads into a full Christmas orchestra. I wanted all of the gradual build-up tune to amount to a climactic ending: the music stops, leaving only the echoing ring of a single tubular bell.

Hope you enjoy the tune! I’m quite proud of this one, personally. Hopefully it’s as fun to listen to as it was to create!


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