Let’s see how this goes…

Hi! It’s pixelchips. This is my new blog.

I was a little hesitant about making a blog, but it’s been an idea on my mind for quite a while now. I figured, hey, why not try it out – if it works, it works.

Basically, I plan to use this blog for a few things:
1) “Behind the scenes” of my music: I always put overly-long descriptions on my SoundCloud songs detailing my thoughts about the original track, my approach with my arrangement, stuff like that. To save my SoundCloud listeners the walls of text, I will be posting the longer descriptive stuff here. Maybe it will be interesting to some people? I’m not sure. If not, oh well  🙂
2) “Shout-outs” to other creators in the video game music community and “featured tunes” that I really enjoy: I’ve always wanted some way to “curate” the video game covers, remixes, and orchestrations that really stand out to me, so I figured I could feature some tracks I like here. I will of course be posting links to their SoundCloud pages, YouTube channels, et cetera; so you will be able to check out other musicians that are much better than myself!  😉
3) Opinions and critiques on things relating to video game music: Maybe I’ll review some video game OSTs. Maybe I’ll critique and comment on the music of games I really love and examine why some soundtracks are so effective, and perhaps I’ll even go into a little bit of music theory? One idea I’ve been itching to do is to go through my favourite arrangements in the Super Smash Bros games and critically analyze them – I might even start that little series pretty soon.
4) General thoughts and ramblings: Basically, if anything comes to mind that relates to video game music, or games and music in general, I may or may not post some opinions and ideas on this blog. Maybe. Who knows, I’m still not entirely certain of the direction to take yet.

So, this is a bit of an experiment on my part, so please bear with me. Let’s hope this blog turns out at least somewhat interesting!